TIME: 4.00PM

TIME : 7PM - 8PM
By African Movie Night

"Tracing the Que-rator” is derived from the word “queue” to mean a lineup of eight emerging curators also known as Team8, who came together and collected different artworks and objects to form an art exhibition. The “curator” as a custodian of a collection is a subject under interrogation in this physical exhibition edition that follows a successful virtual show realized during the national second lockdown (July – October 2021). The journey was shaped by Uganda National Cultural Centre through Nommo gallery and has been intentionally guided and supervised by the UNCC curator.

The major purpose of this exhibition is to increase public exposure to manuscript, archival, film and visual collections through identification, interpretation and display. This exhibition reveals the relationship chain from; artists, to the curators, institutions, and target audience that clearly illustrates the queue of success in the cultural and creative industry. The eight Curators intend to inspire, educate and inform the public about Uganda’s forgotten narratives which inform the present and the future creative industry.

The exhibition includes documentaries, short films, museum objects, poems, paintings, sculptures, photography and a special COVID-19 installation. The exhibition interrogates the notion of identity and showcases a number of restored artworks like the Original Uganda Court of Arms, but most importantly sensitizes people on the importance of wearing masks as we continue to fight against COVID-19. ‘The Monster Light-train of the 21st Century: COVID-19’ poem highlights the plight of the pandemic and the reinterpretation of the Independence monument gives a chance to the blind to interpret artworks with a sense of touch. More heartfelt collective memories of our own history have been retrieved by Team 8 through the new language of institutional collaborations.

In memory and Honour of Late(s) Jacob Odama and Norbert Kaggwa, the exhibition traces down the journeys and remarkable contributions of the two renowned artists in Uganda, Africa and beyond. Tracing the Que-rator sets out to challenge the nation of recognizing, recording, archiving and displaying our own history across generations The scope of history Nommo Gallery provides in this context reinvents the spirit of cultural restoration, preservation, patriotism and craftsmanship legacies to facilitate the dialogue of telling Uganda’s incredible stories to the global audience. This will continue to provide a platform to rethink and reconstruct curatorial processes in a creative encounter that shares remnant of forgotten histories and experiences of creative realities.

Host Curator: Philip Balimunsi

Curatorial Team

  • Martin Senkubuge
  • Fiona Joan Aceng
  • Moses Serugo
  • Kajebe Jacob Joshua
  • Solomy Nabukalu Nansubuga
  • Majorine Nabulime
  • Harrison Davis Watsala
  • Emily Akullu

  • Artists

  • Cecil Todd
  • George Kyeyune
  • Lilian Mary Nabulime
  • Fred Kato Mutebi
  • Banga Simon
  • Jacob Odama
  • Norbert Kaggwa

  • Private and Institutional collections

  • Elizabeth Lwanga King
  • Nommo Gallery
  • Makerere Institute of Heritage Conservation and Restoration
  • URA Museum
  • Uganda Museum