Celebrating People With Disabilities
Venue: Nommo Gallery
Date: 17th DEC 2021

The photographer Isaac Henry Muwanguzi, presents a collection of photos inspired by creativity of the differently abled people. He got inspired by his elder sister Nagawa Grace who is deaf and impaired on her lower limbs. Nagawa got cerebral malaria a few months after birth and this damaged her causing the impairments. The photo exhibition titled “We Can Do It” aims to inspire, educate and sensitize everyone about unique abilities People living with Impairments have for example Nelson Bugembe Makes liquid soap which has help to partly take care of his able-bodied siblings.

Grace Nagawa and Joan Namayega make crafts and uniforms for schools respectively which has enabled them to generate income irrespective of the hard COVID-19 times. The Para Olympics team for volleyball trains hard so that I can compete favorably with other teams but still faces many challenges like sports facility made specifically for the physically handicapped people. The MTN Arena for example may not accommodate more than one hundred people on wheelchairs since its pavilion wasn’t designed for them. The exhibition also highlights challenges faced by People Living with Disabilities for example easy access, poor aiding tools, stigma, etc.


Art and Culture Uniting East Africa
Venue: Nommo Gallery
Date: 17th Aug to 27th Sept 2021

Before the revival of the East African Community, the prospect of art and the creative industry in general had taken a backseat on the list of priorities. This is principally because the cultural voice is not only silent but also not backed by tangible outcomes that inform the potential of the industry in taking the region to the next level. Thinking and working as a block, as reflected in the spirit of the EAC is quite obviously the way to go for any group that will maximize the potential of the community.

The East African Visual Artists Connect exhibition has and will continue to facilitate the trading and transferring of ideas, customs, beliefs, etc…. amongst the cultures of all the East African Community members. This cultural interactivity also referred to as cross-culturalism, has and will facilitate an exchange of artists among the six countries to promote a mutual understanding. The EAVAC program includes among others; a forum where ideas can be exchanged on issues relevant to the development and progress of the arts in the region and seeking ways to further this partnership passed the pandemic.


The Wild and its Beauty
Venue: Nommo Gallery
Date: 13th Mar 2021

SAMA art awards and exhibition is a schools’ creative programme that trains students and pupils to see further than their eyes can look. As Uganda National Cultural Centre through Nommo gallery, shaping creativity is priority to our programming because we believe that pupils and students are a pristine talent to give a curated platform to share their rare talent in such a well-designed space. This children’s exhibition examines unique individual interpretation of the theme to award the most creative talent with unique original thoughts displayed visually on a selected media. Through this year‘s theme; “The Wild and it’s beauty”, the exhibition isn’t totally conceptualised as a comprehensive definition of students’ ability but an inspiration to a World of visual possibilities.

The exhibition features nine schools with unique talent put forward to give viewers a unique creative debate. The curatorial process of the exhibition tells the story of this entire event offering viewers a context to appreciate and celebrate all the exhibiting children as winners of not only visual awards but also critical thinking.

Exhibiting schools

  • Green Hill Academy Kibuli
  • Kampala Parents School
  • Ambrosoli International School
  • International School of Uganda
  • Galaxy International School
  • Taibah International School
  • Seven Hills International School
  • French School International
  • Montessori Pre- School Mbuya


Time's interrogation towards our commitment
Venue: Nommo Gallery
Date: 20th Dec 2019

We might be obsessed with the future, but do we ever imagine the past future! This exhibition interrogated our commitment to time in relation to our creative potential in shaping the arena of Visual experiences. The Long Wait reinvented a rich scope of history beneath time and creativity to shape a narrative. Only time can tell simultaneously how much we have lost and accomplished! It’s time we looked back to our past glory and future expectations. And that’s our true story…………

The exhibition featured the following renowned East African Artists; Romano Lutwama, Kateregga Ismeal, Damulira Siraji, Kalule Herbert, Haji Chilonga, Kamya Charles, Kintu Paul, Ronex Ahimbisibwe, Muwanga Ibrahim, Lutengano Mwakisopile, Damba Ismail Musoke, Bukenya Joseph Ras Bk, Kabonge George, Kasambeko Paul, Mandy Liedke, Lubwama Dennis