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Born of Kabuye Benedict family, Balimunsi Philip is the curator of Uganda National Cultural Centre and the Uganda National gallery, Nommo gallery who for over seven years worked as an independent curator and artist pursuing an interest in Ugandan art history in relation to contemporary practice.

His curatorial focus steers towards documentation and shaping the arena of experience to grant viewers a glimpse into an exhibition of memories and a creative mist of conversations. His practice explores the intellectual explosion of artistic quandary in relation to creativity as a social response to human interaction with extremely difficult spheres of life.
He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Fine Arts from Makerere University. He received curatorial training and scholarship from the New York Independent Curators International in Addis Ababa- Ethiopia and completed a curatorial training program at the School for Curatorial Studies Venice by A Plus Gallery-Venice Italy during the 2019 58th Venice biennial to pave way for processes of organising a Ugandan pavilion at Venice biennial.

He is a national award winning artist and art judge of Youth Alive Uganda, a member of; UVADA, IRC-American embassy, ICI-New York, 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust and Bayimba foundation. He is a co-curator of the “Know Go Zone”, “Dance in the City”, “KLAART014” and a curator of the “DADs” and “Climate Change” exhibitions with embassy of Sweden, JAMAFEST visual arts pavilion with UVADA, “Know Way Out” with Belgian embassy, “Art Creates Water”, “Hope Art exhibition”, a retrospective of “25 years of Bruno Sserunkuuma’s Ceramic Philosophy” and “Anecdotes of Origin” at the A Plus gallery in Venice, Italy that featured 5 renowned European artists in a group of 20 curators from; Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, south and North America. Balimunsi has shared prestigious panel discussions with leading curators and art historians including; Zoe Whitely a 2019 British pavilion curator at Venice Biennial, Dr. Fiona Siegenthaler from University of Basel, Faisal Kiwewa of Bayimba Foundation, Kizito Maria Kasule, the dean of Margaret Trowell School of art and many more.

He’s previously published articles with Start Journal, JAMAFEST magazine, Independent Curators International (ICI), and Contemporary And. Balimunsi has curated numerous exhibitions at UNCC-Nommo gallery as its curator and is currently managing a curatorial training workshop titled, “Collective Memories” sponsored by Newcastle university, he’s member of the ongoing “Museum Futures Africa” project supported by the Goethe Institute under the Uganda Museum study group and a curator among an international group of curators for the “Notes for Tomorrow” 2020-2025 traveling exhibition organized by ICI in New York, USA.
BALIMUNSI PHILIP Kawempe – Bombo road P.O Box 2546 Kampala- Uganda Tel: +256 779362752, +256 706362752 Email: Skype:Philip.balimunsi

Martin Senkubuge is a First Class Honors Degree graduate of the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts, MTSIFA 2021, Makerere University. Martin is a Hyper-realist who draws portraits inspired by a skin condition-Vitiligo. He is a Visual Artist, Researcher, Curator, and Design Thinker. He is the founder of Part of Us initiative, a visual campaign of creating awareness about Vitiligo Skin condition in Uganda, Africa and beyond. His work has been featured in the Guardian, Vanity Fair Magazine Italia, i newspaper UK, on different BBC World Service programs, and many News Papers both local and International. He is a certified participant as a pioneer Visual Artist, during the Human Rights Day; the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He organized and participated in the History Unmasked Student’s exhibition at Makerere Art Gallery in 2019.

He also participated in the second edition of Kampala Cultural Exchange, 2019, sharing messages behind his artworks contributing to the documentation of the Great African Art Banner. He was the biggest seller in the Walls Speak Art exhibition 2019 at Kingdom Kampala, organized by Rotary Club and Wonder art Gallery. His Painting about Global Warming was Auctioned by Ntinda Metropolitan Rotarians, and the funds were used to facilitate health services in one of the wanting hospitals in Eastern Uganda then. He also featured in the Fashion Summit 2019; Abraynz Styles and Fashion Awards, ASFAS19 as a guest Visual Artist. He represented Makerere University in the Keeping it Modern Initiative 2019 of the Uganda National Museum, sponsored by Getty Foundation. He won a Small Project Grant 2020 from Goethe Zentrum Kampala, GZK.

He also made it to the Short List of Top 5 in the Mukumbya Musoke Art Prize 2020, a biannual art prize in Uganda. Together with a team of volunteers, he organized and put up a solo show Part of Us exhibition throughout the month of April, 2021 at GZK/UGCS space. He was selected as one of the eight (8) participants in the Collective Memories Curatorial Training Workshop hosted by Nommo Gallery, the Uganda National Gallery and sponsored by Newcastle University. He was the Chairperson (General Coordinator) of the team of 8 selected curators. He was the Programmes Assistant/ Assistant Curator of the ’Njabala; This is Not How exhibition March/2022.’ And many other voluntary and creative engagements

Emily is an Economist by Profession. Holds a Master’s of Arts Degree in Economics from Makerere University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (UMI), and her First degree was in Social Sciences (MUK). After serving the government of Uganda for 10 years, she took up a position as Head; Policy and Research at the Critical Research Institute for International Development (CRIID Consults) for over five years, before admission to the Institute as an Associate Consultant, a Position she holds, till this day. She was a Founder team Member of the Ford Global Fellowship as a Fellow Advisor and Learning Consultant, with the International Research Exchanges Board- IREX. Currently, she is an Executive Assistant at the Pan-African Women’s Organization (PAWO), a specialized Agency of the African Union. At the moment, she also a member of the Lira University Research and Ethics Committee. Emily’s Experience in the Field of Research, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning; Policy Matters and Administration is diverse.
She loves to work with the young people and women. She is motivated by hard work, resilience, and teamwork. Loves to mentor and train others, at any given opportunity. This has kept her energy high in the career development field.

Emily’s interest in Art is inspired by her extreme love for Tourism Promotion, Trace & Quest for Historical Facts through Research. She likes to tell stories, mainly through Poetry, but also, she wishes to present them in form of Art. Emily doesn’t draw much, but desires that another does it for her, as she tells the story, hence calling herself “a blind, but seeing Artist”, hoping that one day she can draw better. She is the Co-convener of the Lango Tourism Conference, a Partnership with Lira University. She hopes to be able to achieve more ability to curate a number of historical events and facts, with her participation at the Collective Memories Activities. Her immeasurable gratitude to the Sponsors; UNCC, New Castle University, Makerere University, Studio 32° is witnessed in her presence at all stages, and commitment to the cause.
Contact: Cell: +256772999915 E-mail: / ; URL Address:

Fiona Joan Aceng is a Records Officer by Profession. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Records and Archives Management from Makerere University (MUK).

She is currently working with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and is the In-charge of URA Museum.
She has passion for museum work and is highly committed in heritage management. She has acquired knowledge and skills in Museum management which has made her able to lead a tax museum.

She has been able to build a network with other museums and galleries in Uganda.

Kajebe Jacob Joshua, is a multimedia designer artist and curator .He incorporates various art forms like fashion design, watercolour and woodblock printmaking with an aim of having a complete out pour of what he feels inside without being limited. His process is more experimental and therapeutic as it engages the mind and body.

Kajebe believes that art is a tool for communication and it speaks to him before his audience, hence a double-edged sword that cuts from both edges. His work focuses on interconnections or interrelations, as he believes, man is to relate and share experiences with fellow man, God and nature and art is the linkage to all this as it is a reminder of the past, a timer of the present and a forecast of the future. He graduated from the Margaret Trowell school of industrial and fine Art Makerere University and has exhibited in various art exhibitions including working with the Uganda Human Rights Commission as a pioneer artist during the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Additionally, he participated in the MTSIFA Fashion Parades of 2017 and 2018 as a top model. He further, participated in the Kampala Cultural Exchange Gold Event in 2019 and at the African Visions in Time (FAVT ) workshop and fashion show on the theme of global warming.

He has worked with the Wonder Art gallery walls speak at Kingdom Kampala 2019and at the art district 2022, represented Makerere university art school in the "keep it modern initiative 2019 "workshop at the Uganda museum on comprehensive conservation and preservation of modern architecture and was the coordinator and assistant curator of the bi-anal vitiligo art exhibition titled "part of us"art exhibition 2021 which aimes at creating awareness on the vitiligo skin condition.

His work on boda boda is currently exhibited at the showroom website and recently accepted in Nairobi Kenya for Art Affair '22. Kajabe is the General secretary and procurement officer for (team 8) ,which is the name to the eight participants selected for the curatorial training workshop at the Nommo art gallery sponsored by Newcastle University.

Majorine Nabulime is a curator and art writer. She holds a degree in Industrial and Fine Arts majoring in Art History from Makerere University, Uganda. She also has a gold certificate for Educate!, a n entrepreneurship and business course.

She developed her passion for drawing when in her primary four when she would copy illustrations of princesses from story books, draw and colour them on paper while at the same time writing stories of her own and would also make birthday and success cards for friends and family. It is only at the University that she realized that she preferred writing and organizing art more than she loved making it and thus her curatorial dream began.

Majorine has been to a number of art exhibitions around Kampala. She took part in the Collective memories curatorial workshop in 2021 to help mould and sharpen her skills and is now part of the team curating the Tracing the Que-rator art exhibition to help put the skill she gained in the workshop to the test.

Moses Serugo is Uganda’s foremost arts journalist and currently works as the Content Manager – Lifestyle & Entertainment Hub at Uganda’s leading media house, Vision Group. He has worked for Daily Monitor, The Observer, The Independent magazine and The East African. He has also worked at NTV Uganda and UBC TV.

His curatorial practice takes of the form of African Movie Night Kampala, a film exhibition initiative aimed at mainstreaming African cinema. He is also a producer with 256 Arts TV, a YouTube channel aimed at documenting Ugandan/ African visual arts practice for posterity.

Nabukalu Solomy Nansubuga is a conservator/curator at the Kabale Regional museum under the department of museums and monuments with the Ministry of Tourism, wildlife and antiquities. In the above mentioned role, she stores, documents and preserves artifacts, monuments, records and books for the South western regional cultural sites in Uganda.

Furthermore, she works hand in hand with relevant sections of the different departments to ensure that information is obtained and properly utilized to inform policy and decision making for museum development.

She also ensures functionality at Kabale Regional Museum by actively engaging local people with the museum through capacity building on the importance of conserving cultural sites and monuments.

She goes ahead to organize temporary exhibitions, cultural performances, talks and lectures to engage with local communities and enjoys guiding visitors around the museum.

She has collected data on the museum’s audiences and she has worked with researchers to ensure accessibility of all relevant data and information necessary for strengthening tourism and cultural sectors in Uganda.

Her aim is to improve the collection care and access at the Kabale regional museum and to develop a long term action plan for the collections at the museum.

She holds a bachelors in vocational studies in art and design with education from Kyambogo university, a certificate in museum and heritage concept, customer care, collection, management and exhibitions.
In 2019, she took part in the ITP+ course on museum and education held at CMVS in Mumbai which focused on the vital role museums can play in education, learning and social development.