Nommo Gallery is Uganda’s National Gallery operating under the Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) as a visual arts branch located at plot 4, Victoria Avenue, Nakasero - Kampala next to Statehouse. In August 1964, an art gallery appeal initiated by Mrs. Barbara Brown to start the first gallery in Uganda set up an appeals committee composed of; Mrs. Miria Kalule Obote, Mrs. Barbara Brown, Mr. Peter Kapenter, Dr. Richard Katongole, Mrs. Pumla Kisosonkole, Mr. Erisa Kironde, Mr. Y.K Lule, Mrs. Jayant M. Madhvani, Mr. Rajat Neogy, Mrs. Barbara Saben and Prof. Cecil Todd to raise up to 30,000 Ugandan shillings to sustain the gallery throughout its first year of operation. By 3rd October 1964, over 250 members including; artists, companies, individuals, families, teachers and students had contributed materials, services and finances towards the newly proposed gallery that was named “Nommo Gallery”, a Bantu word associated with “Creativity” and it’s believed to have been adopted from Es’kia Mphahlele. The gallery was first located at plot 52 Kampala road in a building which was offered to Artists Community by the Buganda Government.

List of Contributors

In October 1965, Nommo gallery shifted to a 1930 architectural monument at Nakasero that had functioned as a state lodge where it’s currently located. The gallery’s first organization structure was composed of; the Board of Directors (Erisa Kironde, Rajat Neogy and Barbara Brown), an Executive Committee of artists (Henry Lumu, John Kisakka, Mordecai Buluma, Nobert Kaggwa, N. Sengupta) and a Director (Barbara Brown). When the 1959 UNCC Act of Parliament was amended in 1965, Nommo Gallery was included in the new Act as a visual arts component of the Uganda National Cultural Centre and the National Gallery of Uganda. The New Law placed the Uganda National Cultural Center under the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development as a Ministry responsible for the arts and Culture in Uganda. To date, Nommo Gallery continues to serve the visual arts sector with a constitutional mandate of preserving, developing and promoting culture through visual arts globally by setting standards, building capacity and national policies.


In order to promote, develop and preserve Visual arts in Uganda, the Government created
Nommo Gallery to operate with and under the following Objectives;

  • To build up a natural collection of art by prominent Ugandan artists
    for permanent custody and display
  • To involve children and the youth in creative activities geared towards cultural
    awareness, vocational and recreational ends
  • To explore, encourage and develop creative talent by involving artists in national and international Art programs
  • To give support and expertise in the creation and development of cultural activities and industries,
    to foster self reliance of artists and promote cultural tourism in Uganda


The Gallery has a small team made up of 4 personnel who have been delivering Efficiently and Effectively over the years. More about them below